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Sonic welding is a well-known industrial process ideal for assembling plastic components.  Sonic welding allows for space saving designs, and a fast, clean and repeatable assembly process.  DualSonic’s welding experience lies in 3 key areas:

1) Design of parts for sonic assembly

2) Sonic welding tools and fixtures

3) Sonic welding assembly services

DualSonic has over 20 years of collective experience in this unique and valuable process.  We would like you to take a look at this technology for assembling your next electronic package.

WELDERS AND WELD TOOLINGUsing Branson ® welders -- Ultrasonic assembly utilizes an acoustic tool called a horn to transfer vibratory energy through the part to the joint area, where it is converted to heat through friction that melts the thermoplastics.  Inside the welder, high frequency electrical energy is supplied to a converter that transforms it to mechanical motion at ultrasonic frequencies (typically around 20khz).  The mechanical motion is then transmitted through an amplitude-modifying booster to the horn.

The horn, an acoustic tool, transfers this vibratory energy directly to the parts being assembled.  The horn and supporting tooling are integral to applying the correct pressure and support for the parts and ultimately in providing a strong weld.  For both standard and custom products DualSonic’s weld tooling is easy to set up and use and will provide best weld bonding possible.

DualSonic has many years of experience in the design and fabrication of weld tooling such as ultrasonic horns, weld nests, and weld fixtures.  We have designed and built horn/fixtures for many form factors such as USB, RFID, PC cards, ExpressCards, CF cards, MMCX, SD, XD, etc.  We can provide a complete weld tooling setup including a welder ready to go or we can provide one of the components you may need. 

Complementary to our CNC machining capability, we design and fabricate mechanical fixtures such as our rework tool or “cracker” tool that allow you to open your sonically welded products without damaging the PC board and its components inside.  The tool separates the top and bottom covers quickly and easily.  DualSonic has designed and fabricated rework tools for many card applications.  They include USB, PC cards, ExpressCard cards, CF cards, RFID, custom enclosures, etc.

Please contact us today. DualSonic can provide you a one-stop shop to assist in the design and manufacture for the ultrasonic welding enclosures and also supports in the design and development for the weld tooling required.