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Engineering / Manufacturing
DualSonic Engineering is backed by over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience. In-depth knowledge of the manufacturing processes, as known to all engineers, is a critical element, and is the vehicle for designing products properly and efficiently for high volume manufacturing. We help our customers facing various design challenges, by utilizing current best design and manufacturing practices.

In today’s market, products are required to be smaller and operated at much higher speeds. This means engineers have challenges on designs of enclosures that can meet smaller space with effective methods to join or bond the top and bottom halves together for finished goods assembly. DualSonic collaborates with our customers closely during design phase that include detailed designs and discussions on final assembly methods.

Depending on applications of each product, DualSonic can design using any combinations of assembly options listed below:
1 – Ultrasonic welding – this process is fast and easy, provide tamper evidence.
2 – Adhesively/thermal bonded – This assembly method is effective with enough surface area for bonding.
3 – Snap together – This assembly method can be used if there is enough surface area for the features.
4 – Screw together – This assembly is effective with enough surface area to include the screws.

One specialty process, not proficient by many, is the ultrasonically welded enclosures. We have vast knowledge of this assembly process which we have supported our customers globally for the last 20 years. In addition to design and manufacturing of enclosures, we support our customers with our proprietary design, tooling, and training of the ultrasonic weld process that support the final assembly. This process proves to be an essential and important method of assembly for the industries and applications that may need more stringent requirements to achieve the following criteria:

- Fast and efficient assembly method
- Rugged and strong homogenous bond
- Water resistance (can meet IP 65 / 67)
- Tampered evidence
- Hermetically sealed

Some of the industries that may need such requirements can include commercial, industrial, medical, military, with applications such as memory, wireless, wearables, security, and others.

Contact us today for your enclosures need. Our mission is to be your trusted partner in the design and development of electronic enclosures and mechanical assembly solutions. We will consistently exceed your expectations, provide exceptional quality, and cost-effective solutions.