Progressive stamping
When it comes to thin-metal stamping parts, DualSonic has over 20 years of engineering and manufacturing experience.  Our in-depth knowledge and experience allow us to be creative and innovative in our custom designs for our customers.
Progressive stamping is very efficient for high volume production. Progressive die tooling is typically multi-station tooling that can be 5 to 10 stations. Whether designs are simple or complex with multiple cuts, bends, or draws, DualSonic does not shy away from these challenges. Our engineering staff will collaborate with you and create designs that meet your specifications, and for easy manufacturing. All our designs are reviewed and DFM by our tooling team to ensure tooling constructions are feasible and ideal for smooth production.

DualSonic understands time-to-market is critical and essential in today’s competitive market.  We are proud to offer our ability to do quick turnaround of designs, tooling, and validations in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Products may include:
1 – EMI shields
2 – Metal covers

3 - Brackets
4 – Connector contacts

5 - ETC.

The industries we support:

1 - Consumer

2 - Industrial

3 - Medical

4 - Automotive

5 - Military

Design integrations with plastic and metal:

We can design for metal cover integration with plastic frames. See our patented ‘mold fold’ technology. This design is applicable to many form factor product applications with height constraints such as CF, PC, ExpressCard, and other industrial or custom applications.

The metal covers can be designed for snap together, screw together, thermal bonding, or heat staking and ultrasonic welding when integrated with plastic frames. The ultrasonic welding process is good for rugged, clean, and fast assembly.

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