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DualSonic does not shy away from simple or challenging projects. We collaborate with our customers to design and meet exact specifications. All our designs are reviewed and DFM by our tooling team to ensure tooling constructions are feasible and ideal for smooth production.
We can provide customers a one stop shop, from die casting parts to machining process, to surface treatment, painting, and assembly. See below for complete processes from beginning to shipment:
Part Design -> Tool Design -> Die Casting -> Deburr -> CNC machining -> Surface treatment -> Painting -> Assembly -> Shipping

DualSonic understands time-to-market is critical and essential in today’s competitive market.  We are proud to offer our ability to do quick turnaround of designs, tooling, and validations, in as little as 4-6 weeks.
Applications may include:
1 – automotive parts
2 – storage / memory / data
3 – fixture components
4 – rugged mechanical parts

These die cast parts can be designed for screw together, heat staking, or ultrasonic welding when integrated with plastic frames. 

Please contact us today for your die casting needs.

Die casting
Die casting is a unique process where a part is made from molten metal injected into a mold’s cavities. DualSonic has in-depth knowledge and experience in die casting, allowing us to be creative and innovative in our custom designs for our customers. Your die cast parts can be zinc, aluminum, or magnesium. We can take your design from concept to reality in as quickly as 4-6 weeks.