Extrusion / CNC machining

Extrusion / CNC machining parts serve our important niche market where plastic parts, steel parts, or die cast parts cannot support certain products due to their high requirements for thermal dissipation. Extrusion / CNC machining parts can be produced from a vast selection of materials that can support various thermal requirements such as use of aluminum 6061, 6063, or other grade materials. With devices getting smaller with faster processors, heat dissipation out of the device becomes very critical.

DualSonic has many years of knowledge in the engineering and manufacturing of these metal parts.  Our in-depth knowledge and experience in this area allow us to be creative and innovative when customizing designs for our customers.

Whether your design is simple or complex, DualSonic does not shy away from these challenges. Our engineering staff will collaborate with you and create designs that meet your specifications, and for easy manufacturing. All our designs are reviewed and DFM by our tooling team to ensure tooling constructions are feasible and ideal for smooth production.

DualSonic understands time-to-market is critical and essential in today’s competitive market.  We are proud to offer our ability to do quick turnaround of designs, tooling, and validations in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Applications may include:
1 – automotive parts
2 – storage / memory / data
3 – fixture components
4 – rugged mechanical parts
5 – heat sinks

Industries we support include:

1 - consumer electronics

2 -  automotive

3 -  military

4 -  medical

5 - Consumer

​6 - Industrial

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