Welcome to DualSonic Inc.
DualSonic is a world class leader in the design and manufacturing of electronic enclosures and mechanical parts. We have over 2
0 years of knowledge to offer our customers with current best design and manufacturing practices.

Our areas of expertise include:
1 - Plastic injection molding – plastic parts
2 – Progressive die stamping – thin metal formed parts
3 – Die casting aluminum – die cast parts
4 – MIM (metal injection molding) – good for thin wall requirements and water proofing
5 - Extrusion/CNC aluminum parts – heat sink, aluminum enclosures, or general mechanical parts
6 – CNC machining – mechanical parts that are machined from a block of metal or plastic

Whether your parts are required to be plastic, metal, or a combination, required for low volume or high volume, DualSonic can provide single components or turnkey solutions, essentially a one-stop source for our customers from design to tooling to prototype and mass production of all types of electronic enclosures.

2294 Walsh Ave

Santa Clara, CA 95050 US


About us!
In today’s market, competition is fierce and time to market is critical for our customers. DualSonic understands this urgency! We collaborate with our customers to ensure that projects move quickly and efficiently from design concept to first parts off tool. We do this in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

Our design center is in Santa Clara, in the heart of Silicon Valley, with the ability to work with our customers in real time; and with our global manufacturing partners to give our customers quick turnarounds and cost advantages.

At DualSonic, we do not shy away from engineering challenges. We thrive in tackling complex designs, and ensure critical requirements from our customer are met or exceed expectations. Whether your designs require water resistant/water proofing, tamper evidence, ultrasonic welding, snap, screw together, or complex assemblies, we have the knowledge and 'know-how' to design to those requirements and the capabilities to build quality ‘class A’ tools and the capacity to support your volume demand. 

The industries we support are many, and they include:
1 – consumer
2 - industrial
3 - medical
4 –automotive
5 – military

Our design ‘know how’ and process knowledge have given us the competitive advantage over our competitors. We are dedicated and committed to provide our customers best design and manufacturing services that achieve top quality, on-time delivery, and cost effective solutions.